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CheeseĀ or Garlic:$5.99$7.99$10.49$16.59
Meat Lover's:$9.29$12.39$15.39$24.99
Buffalo Wing:$8.99$11.99$15.39$24.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza:$8.99$11.99$15.39$24.99
Philly Steak Pizza:$11.99$15.99$18.99$34.99
Extra Toppings:$0.75$1.00$1.25$2.50
Extra Cheese:$1.00$1.25$1.50$2.75

Extra Toppings:

Pepperoni, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Hamburger, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Mushrooms, Hot Peppers, Broccoli, & Pineapple

Appetizers (Chicken Wings sold by the dozen.):

Chicken Wings (Buffalo, Mild, Medium, or Hot):$6.99
Chicken Wings (Sweet and Sour): $6.99
Chicken Wings (BBQ):$6.99
Chicken Wings (Breaded):$6.99
Chicken Wings (Honey Mustard):$6.99
Chicken Wings (Garlic ???):$6.99
Buffalo Bread Bits:$3.99
Bread Sticks:$2.99

** All prices subject to change without notice. Add 8% Sales Tax to all prices.

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